Inmobiliaria SUR Steffi Betting SL

The office of Inmobiliaria Sur is located in the small, dreamy village Abades, near Poris de Abona.
The place itself is already worth a visit. The small cafeterias and restaurants at the Plaza offer something for every taste. And Inmobilaria Sur offers the home or apartment you were looking for a long time.
Please email or call us for an appointment. The team of Inmobilaria Sur is always at your disposal.
Steffi Betting: (0034) 630 073 450
Peter Betting: (0034) 630 074 190
Landline: (0034) 922 166 414
Fax: (0034) 922 166 415
Calle Arafo 8
38588 Abades

Inmobiliaria SUR Steffi Betting SL
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